Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder Mini

October 3rd 2019

This is one of my all time favourite bronzer. It is such a beautiful cool tone brown colour and works so great to contour with or just use as a bronzer to give some colour to your face. I have also noticed it smells of chocolate which is a great addition. It is super pigmented so you don't need use too much which also makes it last long.i also apply this onto my body when i have a tan and it matches it perfectly. It is also super versatile as you can use it as an eyeshadows by simple apply it onto your eyes which i do all the time. It has other colours too depending on your skin tone. But this one is perfect for me personally as it is not too dark where is looks muddy or not too light where its not obvious. It is jist in between and is perfect for me. It also has a fantastic buttery smooth formula/consistency so it is super easy to blend out. Highly recommend for everyone. In love.

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