Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder Mini

September 3rd 2019

Had this product for years.... stopped using it as I started trying different bronzer by different brands over the years. Recently I brought it out again and I remember why I enjoyed it so much in the past. For a small box it holds a lot of product (have yet to hit pan). It’s a smooth powder, matte finish and has no kickback during pickup. Good pigment, blends beautifully and leaves a clean melded finish. I use this mostly as a bronzer, it leans cool which makes it perfect as a contour. The packaging is cardboard, small and square in shape, surprisingly it accommodates most fluffy brush of all sizes. Large fluffy fan brushes don’t bother. Overall a rock of a product, reliable, can’t go wrong and wears well through the day. Great intro product as a bronzer or contour without feeling fully committed to larger pan products.

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