Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder Mini

June 25th 2019

The benefit hoola bronzing is a great warm toned bronzer and a perfect way to give your face that summer glow up. Benefit being a great makeup brand I bought the product as various makeup influencers use the product I decided to give it a go. I immediately fell in love with the bronzer. The packaging is cute and compliments all other benefit packaging. In the box you get a small brush just to give the product that extra boost which is a good extra to the bronzer. It’s also multipurpose; can be used for all over your face for that summer looking tan or as a contour to chizzle your cheeks and jaw lines. The shade of the powder is really nice and warm toned perfect for a lot of skin types. The product applies evenly and blends out really well with any contouring or fluffy brush. There is a bit of kick back when the brush is dipped into the product but i dont mind it to be honest. Also new shades of the benefit bronzer have been brought out so I cannot wait to try those and see which one best matches my skin tone. Overall I think that the hoola bronzer is worth your money.

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