Benefit BADGal Bang Mascara

April 18th 2019

Benefit's 'BADGal Bang Mascara' normally retails at £22.00 when buying from Benefit. Upon it's release I was so excited to try this mascara due to the hype over the formula supposedly giving that false lash effect! Initially I wasn't the biggest fan of the formula as I found it incredibly wet, heavy and very very clumpy. It also would take a while to dry on my lashes. For somebody with quite small eyes the mascara would constantly be transferring on to my lower lashes giving that not so desired panda effect! However over time the mascara has grown on me, it almost calms down over time when it comes to the heaviness and clumping. The mascara definitely does have the wow effect however. It lengthens the lashes really well and intensely darkens them with a stunning effect on the eye and for somebody who has small eyes it has been great in that sense! It is now my go to mascara for a night out. However I wouldn't necessarily go for it in the day as I prefer the lighter look on the eyes for the day on myself with a delicate mascara for my lashes. The formula has become more reliable over the past few months and now does dry much more quickly! For the price I am slightly unsure as I would only wear this at night but I think I would buy again for the stunning effect it has got on the eyes once it is on and dry. However I am still in search for my perfect mascara! :)

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