Benefit BADGal Bang Mascara

July 6th 2019

I must admit I am a big fan of Benefit Cosmetics mascaras and am pleased to say that Badgal Bang has joined the list. One word of advice don’t poke yourself in the eye with the wand – I have done it a few times and it hurts believe me. The brush looks like a Christmas tree which makes covering the lashes at the inner and outer corners of the eye brilliantly by using the tip of the brush. One dip of product is enough to cover both top and bottom of both eyes. One swipe of the product along my eyelashes and they are perfectly covered. I would suggest covering bottom eyelashes first then your top lashes and if your lashes are like mine have a cotton bud or beautyblender handy to remove mascara from your top eye lid. I don’t use the wand vertical to apply my mascara to my bottom lashes I use it horizontally, to me it gives a better coverage and I don’t have gaps like I would if I used it vertically. I hope that they bring this mascara out in other colours such as green and blue.

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