BECCA X Malika Haqq Bronze, Blush & Glow Palette

September 6th 2019

I really liked the idea of this palette - really glowy and luminous face powders in the Hourglass vein, but slightly less pricey - so I picked it up despite having major apathy to all things Kardashian. First of all, the packaging is super cute, though the shininess means that fingerprints are highly visible. The bronzer is not the most pigmented thing, and the shape and placement in the palette makes it a little harder for me to get my giant bronzer brush into it without grabbing any of the other powders by accident. I do like the tone of this - on the neutral side of warm, not too red or too orange-y, and once you build it up it's very pretty. The highlight reminds me a lot in tone of Becca's pressed highlighter shade Vanilla Quartz, but with a softer formula that means it's not so blindingly metallic straight off the bat, which is better for an everyday look. The two blushes are VERY glowy, and work better as toppers IMO, which is kind of annoying if you wanted to use just this palette for a full face. The pink one is actually usable if you're careful - there's some noticeable amount of pigment underneath the shimmer - but the peach one is way more gold shimmer than anything, almost like another highlighter, and not super flattering on cheeks that aren't Facetuned-flawless. Which is sad, because I'd probably use a peachy blush more than a mauvey one with the other products in this palette. Overall I like it a lot, but wouldn't say it's fully complete as a face palette because the blushes are really more like toppers.

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