August 29th 2019

This blusher is so perfect in every way! The L'Oreal Paris blusher shade range is so beautiful and the way this shade specifically looks on my face seriously compliments my makeup and skin tone. But honestly I think this shade would look fabulous with any look. The pigmentation isn't a lot which can be good in my case because i seem to go over the top with the product. But for others this can be a problem because not everyone wants to be loading a lot of product on their brush. The powder has a bit of a creamy feel to it which is awesome as it means it will just melt in to my skin and give such a natural pinky look! It has a retail price of £5.95 and I think it's absolutely worth it as it is a beautiful colour, looks beautiful and blends really well. Definitely would recommend this blusher to anyone! 10/10

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