September 8th 2019

I picked up this contour kit and have been using this ever since. It's hard to find a drugstore contour kit with that right greyish cool toned brown contour shade, but this one is good. It's a handy cardboard packaging with three Matt shades,a highlighter, bronzer and a cooler contour colour. There's no mirror but there is a picture instruction guide on how to apply the shades printed onto where there's usually a mirror. Price is reasonable and I like it especially the coolest shade. With proper application it does give a sculpted, defined look without looking muddy or orangey. The good thing is, these are all Matt shades and so they can also be used as eyeshadows, as all over lid colours, to define the crease or as highlighter depending on the look one wants to achieve. I have too many mirrors with other products and so am not really hung up on the absence of mirror fact. Anyways, I would recommend it to anyone with fair, medium skin tone looking for a decent drugstore contour kit.

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