August 1st 2019

Coverage is great. Color is matched very well to my fair skin. Good for keeping oil free while wearing. However, I noticed that while using this product, my pores began to look much, much bigger with blackheads in my t-zone and cheeks. I didn’t realize there was talc in it at first, talc is no good for my combo skin (my skin wanted to produce oil to makeup for the dryness the product creates) so I switched back to the BareSkin Serum foundation which is WONDERFUL!I use this on the Powder Foundation on the go!! It is very convenient and fits in my purse. I found a small brush to use with it versus the sponge to apply it with though!!...the result is perfect!!Quality is good but what I am appalled is that you need to buy a whole thing once you finished the content. Why doesn’t bare minerals produce refills? It’s so wasteful and no consideration to the evironmemt. I liked the quality of the powder foundation but it is not enough reason for me to continue buying this product given the lack of sustainability.I love the coverage. Having Lupus and the tell tale butterfly rash I count on this product to completely cover the area. I recommend this product to my Lupus support group Please bring back Teak 22! Its so difficult to find a new shade when the one that I'm accustomed to is discontinued. Please please reconsider when discontinuing a color.

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