Benefit BADGal Bang Mascara

June 10th 2019

love that it stays on all day and does not budge, I haven't experienced any smudging or fallout over the past few weeks. The mascara gave my long lashes great lift when I curled them properly before applying. I'm always going to want the blackest black mascara and I think this delivers on pigment. At least twice I ran into an issue with the long wand. As I was applying BADgal bang to my lashes the wand stem brushed along the side of my face giving me a nice black smudge so I advise you hold the wand away from your face. If I were to get this again (I would) I'd probably get the trial size to take advantage of the shorter wand. If too much product comes off on the wand scrape the extra back into the tube (sometimes unavoidable). The brush was able to grab and coat all of my lashes. I do feel like this gave me more length than volume but it did add some needed bulk. I was very satisfied with the overall look. This will definitely give you can't miss lashes. I recommend removing with waterproof makeup removing wipes - I used Almay. I had considered purchasing BADgal mascara when it first debuted but the reviews were mixed. Fortunately, after the mascara had been out for a while, In********* gave me the chance to test the product and provide a review. Thankfully, my experience was positive. I'd recommend this to a friend for sure.

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