Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

August 12th 2019

My absolute favourite foundation, great coverage and matches perfect with my skin colour. Would highly recommend to all skin types. I’ve been using Doublewear for nearly a year and it has been great. Not realizing what an amazing product it is, I tried some samples of some other foundations. As I have yellow undertones but my neck is a little darker than my chest due to spending a lot of time outdoors over the years, it makes finding a foundation a real pain. I felt this shade was a tiny bit too pink with a slight ashy tone on my cheeks. So, as we never realize what we’ve got until it has gone, I picked up some samples of other brands. For reference, I matched to Fenty 345, NARS Tahoe and Lancôme 435W. While these foundations have better yellow undertones, let me tell you this: None of them provided the glow and natural beauty of Doublewear. The Fenty slides and looks patchy emphasing my large pores and oily t-zone, the Lancôme was mask like and made my fine lines around my mouth crease and the Tahoe was just meh. After wearing all these brands for several days, I put on the doublewear again and was like WOW! Estée Lauder....why did I ever doubt you! The Doublewear looks luminous all-day, doesn’t settle into my pores and fine lines and just stays in place like the name suggests. Because all my skin has to do is look at the sun and it tans so quickly, I alternate through the year between this, the 5W 1.5 and the 5W2 in the height of summer. I also use this with the tatcha silk canvas and recently visited Singapore, which feels like living in a swamp due to the humidity. Both held up very well. Maybe the other foundations may have worked better with a different primer but why should I have to bother trying different primers so a foundation stays on my skin better. This is too much hard work and can get very expensive. Overall, this is by the far the best foundation I have tried.

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