August 2nd 2019

Really looking forward to using this eyebrow pencil after seeing all the reviews. However, after the first use, it was a bit disappointing. I felt you had to apply quite a bit of pressure to make a visible mark and definitely didn’t get the ‘feathery light look’ I’d read about. The brush was good though and helped to blend in the product. I have naturally quite thick eyebrows and even with the minimal product, they became very ‘bushy’ looking. Not the natural look I wanted to achieve. More unruly than kept. It also created a dull and flat colour finish that didn’t match the dark warm tones in my hair. After all the above, I was willing to accept it and see it through. However 2 weeks in, the pencil snapped and then ever time I wound it up, it would instantly snap off, however small. This happened until the whole pencil had gone. I shall be going back to a powder and clear gel from now on. What a waste of money. Reviews far exceed this product.

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