June 25th 2019

For years I have been trying to find a eyebrow product that I LOVE! And I have to say it's been a battle. My brows have not been treated the best they have been waxed and drawn on I've use eyeshadow to fill them in and tries all different types of brow pencils and it hasn't been a good look. But a couple of years ago I found the Beverly hills dip brow and I have to say it is the best eye brow product EVER!!!! It's cramy on consistency so it just glides on and if you buy the eyebrow brush that is recommended with it it becomes a dream. I havnt used any other eyebrow product since finding the dip brow from Anastasia. I will admit if your new to makeup I wouldn't recommend as you can get carried away and end up with slugs but for all those people who have experience with make up it is a must have to your makeup collection.

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