Anastasia Beverly Hills Sugar Glow Kit

August 8th 2019

OMG guys. This was one of the amazing products I have ever purchased. I would recommend this to everyone who is looking for a crazy glow. Go for it now. It is so pigmented and lasts forever. Can i please get more of these please haha. I may sound crazy but I am a glow freak and Anastasia is my lifeline. Anything but glow is life for me. This is for the guys and girls out there. Men women teacher lawyer doctors make sure you purchas you glow kit now: Wow wow wow I would like to also include about other products I have purchased that is the gel eyeliner which super dark and lasts for ever. And don’t worry if it’s raining no need for umbrella when you have and wearing Anastasia eyeliner. It will save your day money and your life haha. I just wish the product wasn’t little and more was added in the box or whatever. But now let’s talk about this sugar glow kit which is suitable for everyone and every skin type and skin colour. Don’t worry about the ingredients it won’t irritate your skin or anything. Price may be a bit high for some people but save up girl and spend once but in a good product. It will worth it one hundred percent

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