Pixi Glow Tonic 250ml

August 30th 2019

Hey lovelies, it smy second time here i am reviewing something. which i had to do because it is superb. and when its superb how can i be behind without reviewing :) so let talk about "Pixi Glow Tonic" i got it from love to slay for 1800 slaybucks, pixi is in hipe nowadays you guys, and its actually work so well. i used its lep crayon which was too good and i was thinking to buy this glow tonic but i was finding like you 18£ need to invest so i was stopping myself somewhere but when i saw this on love to slay i was like,, girl i want it <3 i was waiting to reach 1800 slay bucks in my account and ones i reached i ordered :) lets talk about this toner, its absoulutly amazing, u can seethe results actually in 2-3 uses and when u apply especial around ur month you feel that tinch but its totally okay. thats how u get to know that this toner is not only water, its actually working. all you need to 4-5 drops on cotton pad and do not rub it, dap it all over the face, like pushing into the skin so that more toner will go inside and calm your skin so well. thsi is the tipe which i follow and thought to share with you lovelies. i would highly recommend this toner with you all and it can last at leat for 3-4 months and worth to buy.

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