Morphe x James Charles Artistry Palette

June 11th 2019

I love James Charles so much and as soon as he came out with his palette I bought it as soon as it launched. I was a little worried at first because I don’t own and eyeshadow primers at the moment. In his video he advised his viewers getting the palette to use an eyeshadow primer for the best pigment and blend. I used my makeup revolution conceal and define full coverage concealer as my base without setting it because I wanted it to be tacky like an eyeshadow primer. I used the technique that James suggested which was packing then blending. This technique really does make a difference and I think an eyeshadow primer isn’t necessary, but a week later I tried it with one and the one difference was that I didn’t have to build up the shadows as much, but it wasn’t a crazy amount of layering. I overall really enjoy this palette and I didn’t get any staining with the shades containing the red40 lake dyes. If you don’t know what those are it is what vegan brands use for reds instead of using carmine which is a crushed up beetle which they use to make reds. Vegan brands use lake dyes (red40) to make reds or vibrant pinks. For sensitive skin it may or may not cause staining, but staining can easily be removed with an oil based cleanser or makeup remover. I use the Trader Joe’s oil cleanser and it works like a dream and keeps away my pimples. As far as the pressed pigment situation on the back of the box the palette comes in you see and eye with a cross through it. This is not because you can’t use it on the eyes like it will make you go blind or something. It is because to get the palette FDA approved they can’t call it eyeshadows because pressed pigments aren’t formulated like regular shadows. Pressed pigments are literally the name they are the pigments immediately pressed into the pan. They aren’t supposed to be used on the immediate eye area, but it isn’t because it will harm you it is because they could possibly cause staining it just really depends on the person. I have used all the brights in this palette and I haven’t experienced any staining so far. I recommend this palette to a makeup lover or a beginner who wants to take a dip into color.

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