Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

August 9th 2019

This mascara is amazing i love it so much. It lengthens your lashes without looking clumpy or crusty which is a must when it comes to mascara because there's no point spending so much money on a mascara that doesnt even work that good. The packaging is a good thing as its expensive and looks cute and it doenst break or scratch when you drop it which I've done multiple times in the past. It also separates your lashes looking not like spider lashes and more natural without being non obvious. Personally i don't think it that expensive because the product is all that matgers and if its good not if its expensive because it lasts long anyway. Try not to put so much air in as it will dry out like crazyyy. Overall if you have the money for it please ease do purchase as you will jot be disappointed and you will love it alot and because it doesn't have that mascara smell

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