August 24th 2019

I've used Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks for about 2 years. I've never had a problem with them and will always recommend them - in my opinion they last longer on my face and in the tube then mac lipsticks so I'll continue to buy them. Bond Girl is the most beautiful colour when it's on your face - the website pics don't really do it justice. If you've got an "English Rose" complexion like me it will look lovely. It's silky, smells great and unless you're eating lasts a good while. If people want a lipstick to last all day I'd really recommend Charlotte Tilbury's liquid lipsticks. They could last for days.I have to admit that the shade is very beautiful and special, full of British retro atmosphere, but I don't like its formula, a thin layer of paint on the lips, it doesn't last at all. Nevertheless, I still like its color, deep orange brown. In addition, I bought Secret Salma, because I could not find a replacement color. I think I will not purchase lipstick from CT any more.

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