Iconic Prep Set Glow

September 20th 2019

I felt like my makeup was looking a little dull and needed a lift so I did my research and decided to give prep set and glow a go... I am in LOVE with this product! I was going to keep it to use on the weekends and special occasions but I’m totally hooked on it! I use it every single day and can’t get enough of it.. I even sometimes have a spritz before bedtime! The smell is just divine and it keeps your makeup in place with a beautiful dewy glow and feels so fresh when you apply it. I’m quite pale but frequently fake tan so I decided on the shade glow and it’s just perfect.. will 100% getting again. Another win from iconic thank you! I use it everyday and always get comments about how glossy my makeup and body is looking¡ thankyouu love to slay¡

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