Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder Mini

March 17th 2020

This is my HG blush. I also sweep it over my lids as an eyeshadow. It’s a shimmery pale pink with the slightest tinge of peach that’s super flattering on my fair skin. The box is indestructible from falling off my vanity, being thrown around into all my makeup bags during travel and into my purse when I’m in a hurry and it’s NEVER in all these years spilt into my bags and onto my other products or made a mess at home. The box will last a good year or more with daily use. It comes with a natural hair brush that blends like a dream. Somewhere I read Loereal color match had a lesser expensive dupe and it was a huge flop for me. The cheap compact broke apart the first day I had it. The color was flat and lacking the glow and dimension that Dandelion has. It made me appreciate Dandelion al the more. Dandelion isn’t a “wow” factor, dramatic look,but more a naturally beautiful glow I can’t live without. Even when I venture on to try other blushes I still polish my face off with a swipe of dandelion to round off the look. It makes a very pretty highlighter when worn in combo with other colors and compliments any make-up look I’ve worn. LOVE IT!

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