MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ 100ml

December 24th 2019

This is a holy grail product that every makeup lover should have in their makeup bag. It's a cult classic, and totally worth all the hype surrounding it. This is one of the best setting sprays on the market. It is more on the expensive side, but it's definitely a splurge-worthy product. It has a great mister that covers your face in the perfect gentle and even mist. This locks your makeup into place and extends its wear time. You can also use it for touch-ups as well. If you have to powder your face to calm down oils reaching the surface, spray your face with this after applying it and it will melt all the powder into your skin and prevent you from looking cakey. You can even use this as a primer spray that will hydrate your skin before you apply foundation. This setting spray also does the most amazing job at foiling metallic eyeshadows. Just pick up some of the eyeshadow on your brush and then spritz some Fix+ on it. It helps prevent fallout from more powdery shadows and also keeps your eyeshadow in place longer. It works especially well with shimmery and metallic shadows, but you can use it with mattes as well to intensify the pigment. And if you're a fan of a very blinding highlight, spray your face before you apply a powder highlighter and it will make it shine like you've never seen. It also helps to keep your highlight from fading throughout the day too. This setting spray is so versatile and is great quality. I will recommend this product until the day I die.

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