Benefit Brow Contour Pro

October 4th 2019

I ordered the Benefit Brow Contour Pro 4-in-1 pen in the the color Brown Medium. I have a medium tone complexion with pink and yellow undertones. I am highly satisfied with the color combination in the Brown Medium pen because it allows for a very natural and polished brow that really compliments my skin tone and preferance of natural looking makeup! This pen has been incredibly easy to use, I currently (formerly since the discovery of the 4-in-1 pen) use a brow pomade that is applied with a brush. Well, those days are over because this pen is literally so much easier to use and is totally blendable with my fingers, I dont have to worry about carrying a brush around etc. Although a spooly really helps to blend the darker and lighter shade in this pen but it is not necessary. The consistency of the product itself is rather creamy so a little goes a very long way. I find that applying the product in quick, light and sweeping motions helps distribute the color more evenly and naturally. I will add a color swatch alongside this review so you can see how the colors look against the skin and eachother. You will also be able to see the texture of the product. This is pen is just fab! I can carry it in my purse and apply it on the go or when I need a touch up discreetly without carrying a makeup train around. This is such a convenient and user friendly item that I would dare say is excellent for any person who is not makeup savvy or anyone using makeup, brow products specifically, for the first time. I highly reccomend!! The packaging is really cute and compact, this would make a great gift for oneself or someone else.

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