February 25th 2019

I've redeemed this mascara a few months ago after taking the Amazon Prime Free Trial for one month. At first I did not really have any expectations as the offers on Love To Slay seemed too good to be true. Then literally a week later I've received a parcel and I didn't even know what was in it because I wasn't remembering ordering anything. And there was the amazing BADGal Bang from Benefit! To be honest, I would have never probably tried it if it wasn't for this, as I am not that keen to pay so much for a product which I don't even know if would fit me. As of the product itself, it was quite watery at first (which most mascaras are) so I didn't enjoy it as much. However, it started thickening after a few weeks of being open and now I love it! It adds so much volume and it looks like you're wearing falsies. Nevertheless, for an everyday look, I still love Roller Lash from Benefit. Have a wonderful day babes!

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