FENTY BEAUTY Stunna Lip Paint

March 3rd 2020

I really enjoy this liquid lipstick. I have been a longtime Rihanna fan so her creating her own makeup line was just absolutely perfect. The price is a bit up there in terms of it being a liquid lipstick but despite that, I would still recommend this lipstick to someone whose looking try a new liquid lipstick that is willing to pay this much. That being said, the colour range for this lipstick is also limited despite already having a couple new shades over the winter. Aside from everything, I also think the packaging is super sleek with their traditional Fenty Beauty packaging and mirrored look. A+ for beautiful and minimal packaging. As for the product itself, I find it not drying on the lip and it lasting a long time. I’ve worn it through dinner and then going out for my friends birthday and it lasted throughout the night. That being said, the colour did fade but it left its overall tone on my lips that still looked pretty. Overall I really enjoy this project and would highly recommend those who love pretty packaging, good lipstick

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