Morphe X Jeffree Star The Jeffree Star Artistry Palette

February 24th 2020

So, I've never been an eyeshadow girl. I've tried, I really have, but it's never been something I've had luck pulling off. I've been watching Jeffree Star and his beauty reviews for a while, so when his shadow pallet came out, I knew it would be vivid, and more importantly, I knew it wouldn't be cheaply done considering how high Jeffree's standards are for product. It really did not disappoint. I mainly splurged because of the Wand Noise color, but since playing with the pallet for a week I've discovered several new delectable color combos, including my realization that the Millions sparkle is 100% irreplaceable to me. Not only does it ACTUALLY go on and spread nicely in ONE SWIPE (being a loose and somewhat large grain sparkle, this surprised me), but it STICKS! It stays on all day! I get tons of comments at work about how sparkly and pretty my eyes are done, I've found a reason to be actually excited about doing my make up. A little bit goes a long way, since all of these colors are densely packed and vivid, even the Millions will last me quite some time regardless of how obsessively I overuse it lol. The ONLY thing Ive found myself wishing is that it had a stark bright lightning yellow in it to compliment those beautiful purple and pinks. Otherwise, no complaints!! Oh, and for anyone it's important to, I will add that even the black tone in the corner is intensely rich and long lasting, fall out is pretty minimal as long as just a tiiiiny tiny bit is used. Like I said, a little goes a long long way

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