NARS Cosmetics Sheer Glow Foundation

January 28th 2020

I have tried MANY drug store foundations and nothing compares to this one. It took me a lot to actually convince myself to buy it and honestly I am not disappointed. I have probably spent twice the amount on drug store foundations than just to buy a high end one. My skin is so dry, and honestly after washing and moisturising my face, this foundation has made it look glowy and did not attach itself to any dry patches at all. And the SHADE oh my god, the amount of times I’ve looked for a yellow foundation for my skin and whatever I get is always pink, I didn’t need to mix to get the right shade, it literally matches perfectly. So if you’re on the bridge to buy this then my advice - DO IT. Because it completely changed the way I looked at my skin and made me actually like doing my makeup.

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