Benefit Cookie Highlighter 8g

January 5th 2020

Hands down the best highlighter I ever wore. It doesn't emphasise skin texture, is not flaky, is not powdery, buildable for more intense effect, suitable for both light or heavy makeup, very complimenting colour. Overall, I love it. Love the cute carton packaging. I expected it to be fragile or cheap looking or even that it's gonna keep opening if I put it in my makeup bag, but it's actually so nice and expensive looking and even has a magnetic lock to secure it. If I had to be harsh and very picky, I would say that the brush they put it not the most practical or suitable which is why I gave 4 stars out of 5. I do understand that they were going for a similar "Hoola bronzer" design but unlike my bronzer, I prefer my highlighter to be neat and clean and untouched.the brush doesn't pick up a lot of product and if you leave it inside the box, it scratches the highlighter. Therefore, I would advise Benefit to give it 2nd thoughts. Below you will find pictures of how it looks on with and without flash.

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