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How To Easily Earn Yourself More Slaybucks With Your New Makeup

Get 50 Slaybucks For EACH of the Below



Post a picture of the new makeup you've received from us, tagging @lovetoslayuk in the picture and mentioning you got it thanks to us in the caption. 



Post a picture or video of your new makeup mentioning you got it from LoveToSlay, tagging us in. You could even post your refer a friend link so you can earn 50 Slaybucks each time someone signs up through your link :) 


Email us a selfie/picture of you holding your new makeup

Email us a pretty picture of your new makeup you’ve received from us, without the box it arrived in.

*Once done please email the images or screenshots to including your Love To Slay email address so we can get those bucks straight to you. We'll be displaying these on-site, and sharing on our social media channels. If you're happy with us mentioning your Instagram, Youtube or Tik Tok profile let us know your handle and we'll tag these!

For a Whopping 1,500 Slaybucks Film a Video Review & Tutorial

Ping us a video of yourself reviewing & showing how to use the makeup you've received from us.

Be sure to:

  • • Discuss the pros & cons.
  • • Is it good value?
  • • Would you recommend it?
  • • Is it long-lasting?
  • • Thoughts on the packing Before and after pics?
  • • Most importantly be honest.

Please then mention that you got the makeup from LoveToSlay and talk through what you did to get it / how your experience was.

Please check: the video is not pixelated or not in focus, and is of decent visual quality for us to share on our YouTube channel. The sound needs to be clear to hear and you must be easily visible (not too far from the camera or in poor lighting). We’ll upload it on our YouTube channel and share it on social and use it for our marketing.

But best of all... we’ll give you 1,500 Slaybucks.

*Once done please email the video to including your Love To Slay email address & a social media profile you'd like us to link too.

*maximum of 2 video makeup reviews can be done per account for 1500 Slaybucks


Get 50 Saybucks For Each Bestie You Refer

Refer your besties, tap the link below, copy your refer a friend link and share with your besties. Share on Facebook, drop into Whatsapp chats etc. You’ll earn 50 Slaybucks each time someone becomes joins us through your link & clicks on their welcome email, plus your friends will collect 40 Slaybucks.

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Get 10 Slaybucks For Each Makeup Review You Leave

1 . Go to the 'Choose Makeup Page' and find the product we sent you
2. Tap the 'Review Product' Button
3. Upload a photo of the product being used - and that's it

You’ll get 10 Slaybucks for each review published.

Click Here To Submit A Review

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