Written By Harmeet Sandhu · November 3rd, 2020

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VOXI by Vodafone has now introduced ‘Endless Video’ and 5G coverage to their £15+ plans. With Endless Video this gives you unlimited data to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, My5, TVPlayer, UKTV Play, and YouTube without burning through your regular data allowance. You can now benefit from 5G speeds if you have a 5G-ready phone.

We are raising a glass to this, as we can now binge on a Netflix series and follow along to a tutorial on YouTube, without the fear of running out of data. We have listed our fave YouTubers that you should be following along too, so keep on reading to see who made it on our list. Before we get started, let’s take an in-depth look at endless video on VOXI.


VOXI Endless Video

What is Endless Video?

On VOXI, endless video streaming is now included on all plans from £15/month. This allows you to stream from all the following apps, without eating into your regular data allowance. 


  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Amazon Prime
  • My5
  • TVPlayer 
  • UKTV Play


The endless video offer only includes your mobile data usage: it doesn’t include a paid subscription to the services.

Plans with Endless Video

You can get endless video with 5G coverage on the following price plans;

Making and receiving voice & video calls are not included on your Endless plan.

All VOXI plans put you in control - on a network you can trust with allowing you to start, pause, or stop at any time.

Friends with benefits
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An award-winning network
VOXI has been awarded Uswitch Best PAYG Network Winner 2020 

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YouTubers you should be following 

We have put together some of our favourite YouTubers, that will change your makeup game. You can follow along, without worrying about eating into your data.

Jordan Lipscombe | 1.87M subscribers

If you haven't already heard of Jordan Lipscomb, she's definitely one to add to your follow list. Covering everything in the realms of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. 

iluvsarahii | 1.1M subscribers 

If you're not already familiar with lluvsarahii, it's high time you get to know exactly what she's capable of when it comes to applying makeup. Over on her channel lluvsarahii mixes up creative beauty tips alongside lifestyle, food, and travel vlogs.

Christen Dominique | 4.21M subscribers 

If you watch YouTube religiously, chances are you have come across Christen Dominique. Christen makes tutorial videos that are easy for makeup beginners to follow to get your makeup looking from 0-100 in no time. 

Kaushal | 2.25M subscribers

A blogger and YouTube beauty guru Kaushal creates video according to the latest trends and also looks for various holidays and occasions. Kaushal's most popular videos are mainly her everyday makeup tutorials and we are fully here for them.

Stephanie Toms | 472K subscribers 

Stephanie Toms has tried it all, from testing out supermarket own brand makeup to new makeup. Stephanie is a self-taught master. So if you haven't already, go check out her channel and we are sure you'll be curious to see how these makeup brands perform as much as us. 

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