Written By Mehwish A · January 2nd, 2020

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From contouring and K-beauty to smoky eyes and all kinds of eyebrow shapes, a treasure of beauty trends have come and (thankfully, in some cases) passed. Now, with a new year, and a whole new decade upon us, it’s the perfect time to look forward and maybe even play around with an entirely new beauty look.

One major source for beauty inspiration comes in the form of Instagram, an endless scroll of tonal nails, colourful winged eyeliner and intricate plaits. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for beauty lovers in the UK. So, there’s no doubt that Instagram will be a big part of setting the trends of 2020. Keep scrolling... Your excitement for the New Year is about to officially take off!


1. Brow Lamination

Image: Instagram @killabriii


We’ve seen dozens of brow trends over the years, ranging from brow tattoos to microblading. The next big thing in semi-permanent make-up is set to be brow lamination, which is essentially a perm for the brows, to create the illusion of colour and a thicker, fluffier texture.


2. Watercolor Eyeshadow



In a season where no-makeup makeup is still the look du jour, watercolour eyes remind us of the artistry of makeup. It also reminds us that anyone can do it. All you need is your fingers, some gorgeous pigment, and a little inspiration. You don't have to lose your eyebrows to pull off this makeup trend. It’s soft, playful, and so, so dreamy. And you also don’t have to stick to just one colour either. Choose one colour for your inner corner, another for the centre of your lid, and a last colour for the outer third of your lid. You’ll end up with a cool multicolour look.


3. Vinyl Lips

Image: MAC Cosmetics


Remember your obsession with matte lips?  In 2020, you may find that having lips so shiny your friends can see their reflection is the ultimate look. Vinyl lip products will be aplenty to make it happen. Go clear with the Nails Inc Inc.redible Crystal Ball Rollergloss in shade Find Love, or pick one packed with pigments like the MAC Patent Paint Lip Lacquer and Stila Shine Fever Lip Vinyl.


4. Face Embellishments

Image: Instagram @salemmitchell


Gems and face appliqués will be a trend that continues to grow in 2020. Thanks to the inspirational makeup looks created on hit shows like Euphoria, there has never been a better time to experiment with a more creative editorial aesthetic. The key to ensuring this trend feels modern rather than overdone is pairing everything else down, so if you’re wearing glitter or sequin star stickers on your eyes, keep the skin looking fresh and just add a soft tinted lip balm.


5. Less-Is-More Foundation / Water-Tint Foundation

Image: Instagram @jilliandempsey


In 2020, skin is going to look like skin, with the thinnest veil of hydrating coverage. We’re going to see more water-tint foundations as a base. It's not a ton of coverage, but it evens the skin and adds a little glow, so the skin looks like there's nothing over it. 2020 will see the return of a more radiant, natural-looking skin finish when it comes to foundations and a less-is-more approach. There will be new innovations in foundation formulas mean that you can get the coverage you need without having to use too much product. Two of our favourite recent launches are Kosas Tinted Face Oil Foundation (£40) and Chanel Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint (£37), which both give a dewy youthful-looking finish and blend into the skin beautifully with a soft synthetic buffing brush.


6. Blush on Blush on Blush

Image: Instagram @hindash


Blush will be back in a big way and is the perfect way to quickly add a flirty flush or drape dramatic colour across the cheekbones. Liquid and cream blushes are perfect to use if you're new to wearing blusher, as they're more forgiving and easier to work with. Tom Ford Soleil Neige Highlighter & Blush Glow Stick (£42) comes in beautiful duo shades that give a sheer wash of colour and can be applied directly and blended with your fingers. For a more amplified dramatic colour payoff, use a cream/liquid as a base and then product-cocktail a powder blush over top.


7. Pastel Eyeliner

Image: Instagram @namvo


Neon eyeliner was all the rage in 2019, but in 2020, you’re going to see pastel eyeliner—like this light-pink colour—starting to take over your Insta feed. The 2020 makeup trend is a quick and easy way to add a subtle touch of colour to your eyes without going overboard.


8. Subtle Lip Stain:

Image: Instagram @nikkidorest


You don’t always have to go super bold with your lip colour. Proof: this barely-there lip stain—it’s going to be a big makeup trend for 2020. Lip stains give you a wash of soft, dreamy colour and are super low maintenance too (no smears, no touch-ups). The shade vibe is going to be all about sheer nudes and earth tones. And the finish is going to be almost glossy, not sticky or shellacked, with a barely-there balm shine as opposed to matte. You'd have the perfect your-lips-but-better lip colour.

2020 will feature the ultimate mix of trendy and classic products and finishes: artsy eyeliner, dramatic eyeshadow, and barely-there makeup trending for this year.