Written By Jess Hillyard · February 14th, 2020

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Happy Valentine's day! The last valentine’s pictorial today, I had a lot of fun doing this one! This is a simple warm smoky eye, the focus of this look really is the lipstick, a lovely bold red! (Can’t go wrong with a bold lip for valentine’s day!) This is a classic vintage-inspired look 😊

I used the Amrezy palette again for this one, I find that the warm tones in this palette really complement each other when creating a natural (ish) smokey eye.


Step 1: Start with a clean base, I just pop a little bit of concealer on my lid and blend with my beauty blender.


Step 2: Pop the colour New Yawker in the crease using a pencil brush.


Step 3: Fluff out this shadow with a bigggg fluffy brush, try and keep the eyeshadow in a halo shape on the lid (this makes the eye look big and round, which pulls from the vintage style)


Step 4: Take the colour 1988 and pop that in the crease (we are just layering colours to create dimension).


Step 5: Blend 1988 into the colour New Yawker with the big fluffy brush.


Step 6: Pop the colour Yugo into the crease.


Step 7: Blend this into 1988 and New Yawker. Each time you blend make sure you use more gentle pressure; this will help all the colours blend together seamlessly.


Step 8: Add a winged liner and some mascara, as well as a beauty spot (if you feel like it) 😉


Step 9: Add your favourite red lipstick! The eye look on its own would look lovely with a simple lipstick but if you want to go for the vintage look, adding a red lip really ties everything together. I think this is a fabulous date night look, it is the original classy makeup style!


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