Written By Zara Sedgwick · November 21st, 2019

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Beauty Box Review | Roccabox

It's that time of the month...a Roccabox delivery! It feels like Christmas each month, opening up the pink mystery box full of surprise beauty goodies. It never disappoints :two_hearts: you get a mixture of both big brands, new market brands, and full-sized and travel-sized items. The goodies are always worth way more than the amount you've paid for the box! This month one of the items is a full-sized Pixi Lip Balm which retails at £8 on its own!

When you purchase your box through Love To Slay you get 50% OFF your first box using the code LOVETOSLAY50, making it only £5 + £3.95 postage! You also get 400 Slaybucks (the equivalent of £4) to then exchange for makeup! 

Checkout the beauty goodies in our latest Roccabox:

1. Pixi by Petra Shea Butter Lip Balm in Natural Rose (4g) worth £8

In this cold harsh weather, this is lip balm is a godsend! Going from the fresh outside into heated houses, or air-conditioned tube stations into offices battling which heat suits all, has a negative impact on your skin and lips. Beat the crack with this nourishing, protecting lip balm.  it also has a beautiful neutral pink sheen that would suit all skin tones. :lips:

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2 & 3. Grow Gorgeous Rescue & Repair Shampoo (50ml) and Conditioner (50ml) worth £3.50 per bottle.

Ok firstly, these actually smell incredible. The whole box has the scent as a result, and the best thing is your hair smells that good even once dried. It's just like walking into Hollister or Abercrombie, even my boyfriend picked up on it and complimented it!  On top of that, these really do make your hair feel super soft :purple_heart: #hairgoals. I used these whilst on holiday as I have bleached hair I need all the help I can get, plus these two are cute mini bottles perfect for travel. Even after the numerous days of saltwater, chlorine, sun and sand my hair was easy to brush (that's always a big factor for me) and still looked healthy and shiny when dry. 

Even better Grow Gorgeous are proudly vegan-friendly, gluten-free and do not contain any Parabens, Sulphates, Silicones, Phthalates or Mineral! If you love vegan products check out all the vegan-friendly items we have on Love To Slay here!

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4. Merci Handy Love & Refreshing Face Mist in Rose 30ml worth £4.99

This Merci Handy travel-sized face mist is actually very handy...haha! Jokes aside this fits perfectly in your bag to help you freshen up on the go. Freshen up after a workout, when you're powering around the shops, when you've had to rush to work, or if you're lucky enough to be sweating it out on a hot holiday this will be your saviour. No drops, just a light mist and you'll be smelling like a bouquet of flowers :rose:it's made in France (with a lot of tenderness according to Merci Handy). Simply just close your eyes and spritz away!

Suitable for all skin types!

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5. BeautyPro Nourishing Collagen Mask with Olive Extract worth £4.95

Help turn back the clock with BeautyPro's magical anti-ageing formula. Hydrate and regenerate your skin in only 15 mins! :green_heart: As the mask is already cut into the shape of your face it's so easy to use, I prefer these masks as there's no mess, simply peel off and throw away after! They're good for using before a night out, a special occasion or purely for an evening of relaxation - which is what I did. After a long week at work I had a Friday evening in, I chilled out with the BeautyPro Collagen Mask on my face and a hair mask on. You can't beat a pamper session, I felt like a whole new person. I couldn't get over how soft and smooth my skin was after only one mask! This product was the winner of the Beauty Shortlist Awards in both 2017 and 2019 and we can see why!

Suitable for all skin types and they're against animal testing!

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6. Afterspa Amazing Makeup Remover worth £6.00

Literally all you need with this cloth is water, the soft texture of the cloth removes 100% of makeup :kiss: imagine all the money you'd save on makeup remover + makeup remover pads, on top of reducing the chemicals used on your skin and helping to the save the planet from more waste.

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7. Dame Tampon Sample

These tampons are made from organic cotton and are completely toxin-free on top of being sustainable! This means using these protects your body from harmful chemicals but also helps to protect the environment too!

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