Written By Jess Hillyard · January 7th, 2020

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We see a lot of brightly coloured, rainbow, cut crease with glitter and black eyeliner eye looks these days, don’t get me wrong I LOVE THEM it is literal art on an eyelid. Although sometimes you just need a bog-standard cut the BS eyeshadow look that is good for every day or night right? Well, hopefully this can help. I use this eye look almost every single time I do my makeup (I just swap out the colours and no one notices 😉). For this look, I only used 3 colours and 1 brush! Nice and simple.

I used the James Charles X Morphe* palette to achieve this eye look. 

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Jess_golden eye look.jpg



Annnnd you’re done! I genuinely think this look is perfect for any occasion! It’s nice and easy to swap out the colours and shimmer for something that suits you.