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Sadly, producers at ITV2 weren't able to clone Ovie for all future episodes, but they have extended this year's offering to two series.



It may be cold and miserable outside but some winter sun is on its way thanks to winter Love Island. For the first time in the revamped show's history, Love Island will be on our TV screens twice a year, kicking off with a new series in South Africa.

Following the success of the summer edition in sunny Spain, a new batch of hopefuls looking for love will be heading further afield to enter a brand-new villa.



Love Island returns to screens on Sunday 12 January at 9pm on ITV2, and ahead of the show's premiere, the 12 contestants who are single and ready to mingle have been revealed. Among the beautiful singletons are Rochelle Humes' younger sister Sophie Piper, a 21-year-old medical PA from Essex, and 20-year-old twins Eve and Jess Gale from London, who are both students and VIP hostesses. Laura Whitmore is set to present the reality TV show, having taken over from Caroline Flack. Let's take a look at the hot new stars…




Sophie Piper

21, Medical PA from Essex


What makes you the perfect Love Islander?

"I'm very friendly, I'm looking to find someone which is the main thing. I'm very open to the experience and I'm excited to get in the villa now!"


Celebrity Crush: Anthony Joshua. Whenever I see him fight, I yell, 'Come on, use your right hook!' I have no idea what I'm talking about.


New Year's resolution: Trying new experiences.










Leanne Amaning,

22, Customer Service Advisor from London


What makes you the perfect Love Islander?

"I'm fun and want to find love but I'm not that open, so I think I'm actually going into Love Island to learn and change."


Celebrity Crush: Gerard Butler.


New Year's resolution: Stop eating so much chocolate.












Eve and Jess Gale,

20, Students and VIP hostesses, from London


What makes you the perfect Love Islander?

Jess: "I'd be a good Islander because I'm fun, confident and spontaneous."
Eve: "I would say I'm confident, chilled out and easygoing which would make me a good Islander."


Celebrity CrushAnthony Joshua – he's so good looking in real life (both).


New Year's resolution:
Jess: Keep being nice and treat people how I want to be treated. I believe in Karma. I'd also like to be a vegetarian.
Eve: I want to become a veggie.








Paige Turley,

22, Singer from west Lothian


What makes you the perfect Love Islander?

"I'm naturally flirty, I think it's nice to flirt, it feels good. I'm from a small village where everyone knows each other or has been an ex of someone. I want to find someone who is different, and outside the small village mentality."


Celebrity Crush: Tom Hardy.


New Year's resolution: I'm strong-minded so I need to ease up a bit and use it in the right way.










Shaughna Phillips,

25, Democratic Services Officer from London


What makes you the perfect Love Islander?

"I'm chatty, funny and clever – people won't expect it from me. When they hear me speak about certain things they’ll be shocked. I like to get on with everyone, too."


Celebrity Crush: Jack Fincham is a bit of me on toast!


New Year's resolution: Stop being friendly to f**k boys.











Siânnise Fudge,

25, Beauty Consultant from Bristol


What makes you the perfect Love Islander?

"I'm sassy and fun. I've experienced quite a lot with men, so I know what I'm looking for."


Celebrity CrushAnthony Joshua, he's a bit of me. And '90s Leonardo DiCaprio.


New Year's resolution: Put myself first and do things for me... I want to chase my dreams in 2020.










Ollie Williams,

23, heir to the Lanhydrock Estate/land owner from Cornwall


What makes you the perfect Love Islander?

"I'm an alpha male. Wherever I go, I boss the room, I boss whatever I'm doing. I'll be the butt of all jokes but I'll also be the one to make all of the jokes. I'm attention seeking and I like to be the centre of what is going on at the time. I wear my emotions on my sleeve, I'm upfront and let people know what I think of them too."


Celebrity Crush: Lily James.


New Year's resolution: To win Love Island.








Nas Majeed,

23, Sports Science Graduate and Builder from London


What makes you the perfect Love Islander?

"I'm very different to guys who have been on the show before. I'm funny, always myself, caring and considerate. I'm a well-rounded person."


Celebrity Crush: Naomi Scott who plays Princess Jasmine in the Aladdin remake.


New Year's resolution: Keep the same positivity.










Mike Boateng,

24, Police Officer from London



What makes you the perfect Love Islander?

"My charm and my character. I'm a very personable person so I'm easy to approach and I'm hoping that'll make it easy for me to speak to a girl and connect with her."


Celebrity Crush: Beyoncé and Rihanna.


New Year's resolution: To find a serious relationship. My mum will be watching this show with the intention of me finding someone and moving out.









Callum Jones,

23, Scaffolder from Manchester


What makes you the perfect Love Islander?

"I'm a cheeky chap, I have builders' banter and I'm down to earth as well, so that balances it out."


Celebrity Crush: Megan Fox.


New Year's resolution: New Year, new me as they say!












Connor Durman,

25, Coffee Bean Salesman from Brighton


What makes you the perfect Love Islander?

"I've been living in Australia for four years. In that time, I've grown up, done everything myself, I've got so many new and different life experiences. I've had two big relationships, one good, one bad. I think I've gone through a lot. I'm mature now and I know what I want."

Celebrity Crush: Maya Jama.


New Year's resolution: Stop overthinking and do what makes me happy.