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Hey Queens,


If this is the first time you’ve landed on Love To Slay then it’s lovely to meet you! We love getting to know you guys, and we thought we'd use this page to tell you about us!


So about Love To Slay...We LOVE makeup, but keeping our makeup bag filled with our beauty essentials on top of getting our hands on the latest makeup releases is impossible without a huge credit card bill. Something we 'd like to avoid! 


We wanted to help people reach those beauty brands they've been dreaming of, to test new makeup without a cost implication or to replace that foundation without waiting for payday. Thus Love To Slay was born to help you achieve those #makeupgoals!

It turns out there are loads of brands and companies, not just in the beauty industry, that want to meet new people like yourself. Even better they will happily pay to do so. This is how we coined the idea of earning makeup. Each time you complete a survey, download an app or start a trial through your Love To Slay account, we get paid as a thank you for referring you. Seeing as sharing’s caring we thought by sharing this commission back to you guys you’ll be more open to exploring new companies, services, trials & more. Honestly, we have discovered some great new brands ourselves this way that we love such as Roccabox and Amazon Prime!


We want to earn your trust so it was decided early on we wouldn't be asking for your bank details to share the reward. We had a lightbulb moment...What if instead, you could simply get your reward in the form of beautiful shiny new makeup, choosing from a wide selection of popular and new to market products. Win-win, right? We even cover postage costs too so you never have to give Love To Slay your bank details, we simply don’t need them!


On top of other companies wanting to hear from you, we want to know your opinions too! As we said, we love makeup, so we're always looking for tips and advice which is why we also reward you for leaving makeup reviews on any of the products on our site. We want to promote honesty, helping everyone to find the perfect mascara, foundation, whatever for them and their goals!


We started off as a small two-man band but our lovely team has grown. I'm Zara, Love To Slay’s momager. Katie is our customer service queen. Jess is our super talented video star and blogger. Harmeet is social butterfly on top of working on our advertiser content.

Not forgetting our email marketing boss babes Gemma, Georgia and Amy. We also work very closely with a team called Clickwork7, they look after all our existing partners on Love To Slay and work hard to get new promotions especially for you guys. Then last but not least James, our technical magician, he literally built Love To Slay and continues to add loads of exciting features for you!


Zara x